Code of Virginia

Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV)
Driver's License
Driving Under the Influence
Failure to Yield Right of Way
Hit and Run
Miscellaneous Traffic Offenses
Mopeds and Bicycles
Other Moving Violations
Parking and Stopping
Reckless Driving
Registration and Vehicle Identification
Revoked / Suspended License Driving
School Bus
Signals and Signs
Trucks and Hauling

Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV)
§46.2-341.21-Drive CMV while disqualified

§46.2-341.24(A)-Driving under the influence

§46.2-341.24(A)-Driving with 0.08% BAC or greater

§46.2-341.24(B)-Driving with 0.04% BAC or greater

§46.2-341.31-Driving with any measurable alcohol

§46.2-341.26:3-Refuse to submit to preliminary breath test

§46.2-341.6§46.2-431§46.2-341.19-Use CMV in commission of felony

§46.2-341.7-Drive CMV in violation of restriction

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Driver's License
§46.2-301.1-Allow person suspended / revoked to operate vehicle

§46.2-349-Allow person with no legal right to drive vehicle owned by accused

§46.2-346-Altered license

§46.2-329-Drive in violation of restricted license

§46.2-328-Drive w/o chauffeur's endorsement

§46.2-300-Drive w/o license

§46.2-328-Drive w/o motorcycle endorsement

§18.2-272-Drive while deprived of right due to DUI conviction

§46.2-302-Drive while deprived of right due to DUI conviction

§46.2-302-Drive while license reinstatement contingent on financial responsibility

§46.2-301-Drive while license suspended / revoked

§46.2-346-Display license not his own

§46.2-346-Fail to surrender suspended / revoked license

§46.2-324-Fail to update license

§18.2-204.2-Fictitious license, possess or sell

§46.2-347-Fraudulent use to obtain alcohol

§46.2-357-Habitual offender

§46.2-335.2-Learner's permit

§46.2-335-Minor under 16, licensed driver required

§46.2-346-Permit another the use of license

§46.2-346-Possess suspended / revoked, altered or fictitious license

§46.2-346-Reproduce or counterfeit license

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Driving Under the Influence
§18.2-266-DUI motor vehicle or engine

§18.2-266-Transporting person under age of 18 yrs

§18.2-266.1-Operate motor vehicle under 21 yrs with BAC 0.02-0.08%

§18.2-268.2-Refusal breath / blood test

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§46.2-1088.1-Back-up alarms

§46.2-1003-Defective equipment, generally

§46.2-1088.1-Hood scoops (Vehicle 1990 or earlier - 38" wide, 2 ¼" height, 52 ¼" long)(Vehicle 1991 or older - 38" wide, 1 1/8" height, 50 1/2 " long)


§46.2-1083-Mud flaps, vehicles over 40,000 lbs.


§46.2-1060-Illegal horn, siren or whistle


§46.2-1030-Drive w/o lights

§46.2-1030-Drive with excessive lights

§46.2-1034-Fail to dim lights, moving

§46.2-1035-Fail to dim lights, parked

§46.2-1010-Equipped with lights required that shall at all times be capable of being lighted

§46.2-1011-Headlights (2 required)

§46.2-1012-Headlights, motorcycle

§46.2-1032-Headlights, multiple

§46.2-1031-Headlights, single

§46.2-1033-High beam indicator required

§46.2-1030-Improper use of warning lights

§46.2-1017-Marker lights, vehicles over 7' wide

§46.2-1018-Marker lights, vehicles over 35' long

§46.2-1016-All vehicles or other mobile vehicles

§46.2-1022-Red lights; police, fire

§46.2-1081-Slow moving vehicles (display emblem)


§46.2-1082-VA registered passenger car to have center high mount stop light (1986 or latter)

Pollution control
§46.2-1048-Device required

§46.2-1049-Inadequate exhaust system

§46.2-1047-Muffler cutout, straight exhaust or gutted muffler

Safety glass
§46.2-1056-Driving vehicle not equipped

§46.2-1084-Seat for vehicle operator

Signal devices
§46.2-1040-Flashing signal when stopped, hazard lights

§46.2-1040-Improper use of signal device, hazard lights

§46.2-1121-Light or flag at end of load

§46.2-1038-Turn Signal

Suspension system
§46.2-1064-Front end, lift blocks

§46.2-1063-Alteration, generally

Measurement Note: If the bumper is a factory bumper measured from ground to bottom of bumper, not including bumper guards. In absence of a bumper or the bumper has been lowered, measured from the ground to bottom of the frame rail. If the bumper has been raised measure from the ground to the bottom of the main horizontal bumper bar.
Passenger vehicle (14"-22")
Street Rod license plates (9"-22")
Trucks (Manufacturer's gross vehicle weight ratings)-
Front 4,500 lbs. or less (14"-28")
Rear 4,500 lbs. or less (14"-28")
Front 4,501 - 7,500 lbs. (14"-29")
Rear 4,501 - 7,500 lbs. (14"-30")
Front 7,501 - 15,000 lbs. (14" - 30")
Rear 7,501 - 15,000 lbs. (14"-31")


§46.2-1043-2/32" tread depth

§46.2-1002-Use of non-approved equipment

§46.2-1052-Signs or other non-transparent material on windshields or other windows

§46.2-1052-Tinting, apply to windows (Front side-50%, Rear side-35%, Rear-35%)

§46.2-1055-Wipers required

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Hit and Run
§46.2-372§46.2-894-Fail to make written report

§46.2-371§46.2-894-Fail to report accident

§46.2-894-Fail to stop at scene of accident, attended property any value

§46.2-896-Fail to stop at scene of accident, unattended property $1000 or less

§46.2-895§46.2-897-Failure of occupant to make report

§46.2-902-Refuse to leave scene when requested

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§46.2-1158-Fail to have vehicle inspected

§46.2-1158-Expired inspection

§46.2-1171§46.2-1173-Counterfeit inspection sticker

§46.2-1171§46.2-1172-Improper use of inspection sticker

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§46.2-707-Failure to surrender license plates of uninsured motor vehicle, False insurance evidence / certificate, No liability insurance

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Miscellaneous Traffic Offenses
§46.2-1209-Abandonment of vehicle

§46.2-808.1-Crossovers on controlled highway (Median crossovers)

§46.2-1054-Dangling objects

§46.2-1075.1-Vehicle weight ratings, tampering

§46.2-800.1-Riding on highway after sunset (Animals)

§46.2-908.3-Low speed vehicles

§46.2-806-One-way road, driving wrong direction

§46.2-932-Playing on highway

§4.1-313-Transport alcohol

§58.1-1017-Transport cigarettes

§46.2-1079-Radar detector

Television Equipment
§46.2-1077-Television equipment, view of driver

§46.2-1077.01-Permit display of obscene image in vehicle from outside public viewers


§18.2-324-Throwing injurious material upon highway

§10.1-1143-Throwing inflammable objects on highway

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Mopeds and Bicycles
§46.2-1066-Brakes, inadequate

§46.2-906-Carrying articles improperly

§46.2-903-Driving on sidewalk, mopeds

§46.2-905-Left turn, improper

§46.2-1015-Lights and reflector required

§46.2-914-Minimum age to operate moped on highway (Must be 16 yrs. old)

§46.2-915-Moped stickers required indicating rated Horsepower and speed

§46.2-905-Overtaking and passing, improper

§46.2-907-Passing, improper

§46.2-932-Towing behind another vehicle

§46.2-907-Travel between lanes, improper

§46.2-808-Travel on restricted highways

§46.2-905-Travel to right of roadway

§46.2-904-Audible signal when overtaking pedestrian

§46.2-904-Posted sign restrictions

§46.2-904-Same rights and duties as pedestrians

§46.2-904-Where prohibited

§46.2-904-Yield to pedestrians

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§46.2-1069-Brakes, inadequate

§46.2-1014-Brake lights

§46.2-909-Improper operation

§46.2-328-License, Class C, operate w/o


§46.2-912-Operating w/o headlight, horn or mirror when required

§46.2-910-Operating w/o windshield, face shield or goggle

§46.2-903-Riding on sidewalks

§46.2-910-Safety equipment

§46.2-910-Operating motorcycle w/o helmet

§46.2-910-Selling helmet not meeting standards

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Other Moving Violations

§46.2-805-Disregarding lane direction control signal

§18.2-323.1-Drinking while operation motor vehicle

§46.2-903-Driving on sidewalk

§46.2-922-Driving over fire hose

§46.2-877-Driving too slowly

§46.2-806-Driving wrong way on "one-way" street

§46.2-1078-Earphones, drive with

§46.2-817-Eluding police, endangerment involved

§46.2-817-Eluding police, no endangerment involved

§46.2-878.1-Fail to obey speed limits in highway work zone

§46.2-837-Fail to stay on right side of unmarked roads

§46.2-816-Following too closely

§46.2-921-Following too near fire apparatus

§46.2-877-Impede traffic by slow speed

§18.2-147.2-Jackrocks, selling, possessing, using (Any device to puncture tires or disable a motor vehicle, on highway or private property)

§46.2-1156.1-Rear cargo area of pickup, person under age 16 riding in

§46.2-848-Unsafe starting, backing, etc.

§46.2-1086-Smoke screen

§46.2-893-Passengers, taking on / unloading, vehicles stopped in roadway (Except school bus)

Failure to yield right of way
§46.2-826-Entering highway from private road
§46.2-828-Funeral processions


§46.2-827-Military processions

§46.2-825-On left turn

§46.2-933-To blind person

§46.2-829-To emergency vehicles, generally

§46.2-921.1-Stationary emergency vehicle

§46.2-829-Pass or overtake emergency vehicles (With lights and siren activated)

§46.2-924-To pedestrians

§46.2-927-To pedestrian alighting from bus

§46.2-824-Uncontrolled "T" intersection

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Signals and signs
§46.2-848-Fail to give proper signal
§46.2-830-Fail to obey highway sign (Demerit points)

§46.2-830.1-Fail to obey highway sign (No demerit points)

§46.2-851-Fail to signal before moving into traffic

§46.2-850-Improper change of course after giving signal

§46.2-849-Improper signals

§46.2-805-Lane direction control signal

§46.2-1309-Police hand signals

§46.2-814-Safety zone for pedestrians

§46.2-821-Stop sign

§46.2-833-Traffic light

§46.2-821-Yield sign

§46.2-832§33.1-345-Destruction of signs

§46.2-831-Erection unauthorized signs

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§46.2-881-Bridges and tunnels
§46.2-870-Maximum speed limit 55 or 65 MPH

§46.2-875-Maximum speed limit 35 MPH in any city or town unless otherwise posted

§46.2-878.2-Residential district

§46.2-873-School crossings / school zones

§46.2-878.1-Work zones

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§46.2-1231-Fail to notify law-enforcement

§46.2-1118-Improper towing

§46.2-932-Moped, bicycle

§46.2-1116-Multiple vehicles or trailers

§46.2-813-Occupying towed trailer

§46.2-1030-Warning lights

§46.2-1118-w/o bar and fifth wheel or chains

§46.2-830-Disregard signs, signals, markers or lights

§46.2-846-Improper turning, generally

§46.2-845-On curve, hill or crest


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Parking and Stopping
§46.2-818-Blocking of traffic

§46.2-1237-Handicapped parking violations

§46.2-888-Parking on highway

§46.2-921-Parking too near fire apparatus

§46.2-1239-Parking too near fire hydrant, driveway

§46.2-890-Parking which interferes w/ emergency

§46.2-893-Stopping bus or truck to unload

§46.2-888-Stopping improperly on highway

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§46.2-802-Fail to drive on right side of the highway

§46.2-842-Fail to keep to right when passed

§46.2-804-Fail to observe marked lanes

§46.2-842.1-Fail to yield left lane to passing vehicle

§46.2-838-Improper passing

§46.2-841-Improper passing on right

§46.2-803-Intersection, passing at

§46.2-843-Left lane not clearly visible or clear of oncoming traffic

§46.2-844-School bus

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§46.2-928-Fail to walk on left edge of roadway

§46.2-927-Fail to yield to pedestrian alighting from bus

§46.2-924-Fail to yield to pedestrian in crosswalk or at intersection

§46.2-929-Hitchhiking (Soliciting rides)

§46.2-923-Interference with vehicles

§46.2-930-Loitering on bridge

§46.2-932-Playing on streets and highways

§46.2-926-Stepping onto street where driver's vision obscured

§46.2-808-Walking on restricted highway

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Reckless Driving

§46.2-859-Passing school bus loading / unloading

§46.2-856-Passing two abreast

§46.2-865-Racing on highway

§46.2-878.2-Residential districts

§46.2-868.1-w/ intent to harass, intimidate, injure or obstruct

§46.2-868.1-w/ intent to injure

§46.2-866-Aiding or abetting racing

§46.2-861-Driving too fast for conditions

§46.2-855-Driving too many in front seat

§46.2-857-Driving two abreast

§46.2-864-Driving upon church, school or private property

§46.2-862-Exceed 20MPH the posted speed or in excess of 80MPH

§46.2-860-Fail to give adequate signals

§46.2-863-Fail to stop before entering roadway

§46.2-853-Not under proper control or bad brakes

§46.2-829-Passing emergency vehicle

§46.2-854-Passing on curve or grade

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Registration and Vehicle Identification
§46.2-613-Altered / fictitious registration

§46.2-605-Altered / forged certificate of title

§46.2-722-Altered / forged license plates

§46.2-605-Altered / forged registration

§46.2-616-Buy vehicle w/o title

§46.2-628-Fail to endorse title for transfer

§46.2-600-Fail to obtain registration

§46.2-613-Improper use of state tags

§46.2-622-Joint ownership

§46.2-104-No registration card in possession

§46.2-652-No registration for heavy equipment

§46.2-653-No registration for mobile homes

§46.2-650-No temporary registration

§46.2-1072-Operate vehicle with no VIN

§46.2-1075-Possess vehicle with altered VIN

§46.2-1074-Removing VIN or other identifiers

§46.2-1072-Sell vehicle with no VIN

§46.2-617-Sell vehicle w/o title

License plates
§46.2-1550-Dealer's plates, improper use by motor vehicle dealer

§46.2-613-Expired state license plates

§46.2-711-Fail to display state license plates

§46.2-707-Fail to surrender plates of uninsured motor vehicle to DMV

§46.2-613-Fail to surrender plates to DMV

§46.2-750-Fail to use "public use" tags

§46.2-715-Improperly displayed

§46.2-716-Improperly fastened or obscured

§46.2-731-Improper use of handicapped plates

§46.2-1967-Temporary license plate violations

§46.2-656-Use foreign plates more than 6 months

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Revoked / Suspended License Driving
§46.2-301-Driving on revoked / suspended license

Driving a commercial motor vehicle
CMV license / privilege revoked / suspended
§46.2-341.21-First offense

§46.2-341.21-Second / subsequent offense

§46.2-341.21-Driver disqualified

§46.2-341.21-Driver order out of service

Driving when license revoked / violation
Restricted license
§46.2-391-Endangers life, limb or property

§46.2-391-First offense, does not endanger life, limb or property

§46.2-391-Second / subsequent offense

Driving while revoked license rein-statement contingent on financial responsibility
§46.2-302-Second / subsequent offense

§46.2-417-(Civil)-Fail to satisfy judgment (DUI related)

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School Bus
§46.2-1089-Painting or lettering improperly

§46.2-1091-Seat belt required for operator seating capacity

§46.2-844-Stopping required when lights flashing

§46.2-1090-Warning device on

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§46.2-1094-Driver and occupants in front seat passengers at least 18 yrs. of age

§46.2-1095(A)-Child up to age 8 yrs. old (summons Driver)

§46.2-1095(B)-8 yrs. old up to and including 17 yrs. old

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Trucks and Hauling
§46.2-1156-Fail to cover or secure load

§46.2-1156-Fail to prevent escape of contents

§46.2-1155-Fail to secure load of logs, barrels, etc.

§46.2-1121-Flag or light at end of load

§46.2-1155-Improperly securing load

§46.2-1120-Load that extends more than 3ft.

§46.2-1111-Load too far beyond sides

§46.2-1083-Mud flaps for over 40,000 lb. vehicle

§46.2-1110-Over height

§46.2-704-Over weight for licensed limits

Over length
§46.2-1114-Automobile transporters



§46.2-1115-Mobile homes or house trailers

§46.2-1116-Multiple trailers

§46.2-1018-Reflector required

Over width
§46.2-1109-Commercial vehicles, certain highways


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