Town of Hillsville

Buildings, Numbering of
Peace and Good Order
Peddling and Soliciting
Sales, Specials
Solid Waste
Special Events
Streets and Sidewalks
Tattoo Parlors
Vehicles and Traffic
Vehicles, Licensing of

Adoption of Code of Virginia
§157-3–Adoption of Code of Virginia section §46.2

§42-1—Town-designated bird sanctuary

§42-3—Dogs running at large

§42-6—Allowing animals to run at large

§42-7—Noisy animals and fowl

§42-9—Cruelty to animals

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Buildings, Numbering of
§52-1—Building identification numbers required

§52-2—Placement and size of numbers

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§66-1—Curfew established (Any person under the age of 16 yrs. of age)

§66-2—Responsibility of parent or guardian

Halloween curfew
§66-3—Age restrictions for trick or treating (12 yrs. of age and under, may)

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§88-3—Littering in a public place

§88-5—Sweeping or depositing litter in gutters

§88-6—Littering from vehicles

§88-7—Trucks or other vehicles causing load, contents or litter from being

deposited on the highway nor shall the wheels or tires deposited on the

highway any (Mud, dirt, sticky substances, litter, or foreign matter

§88-8—Littering in parks

§88-9—Littering in public waters

§88-10—Handbills in public places

§88-11—Handbills on vehicles

§88-12—Placing handbills on vacant premises

§88-13—Distributing handbills on private premises

§88-14—Litter on private or commercial premises

§88-15—Maintenance of commercial premises free of litter

§88-16—Maintenance of private premises free of litter

§88-17—Litter on vacant lots

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§97-2—Nuisances prohibited within town

§97-3—Certain nuisances enumerated

§97-4—Responsibility of property owners, occupants and others

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§101-8—Insulting, harassing or interfering with parade

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§104-3—Prohibited parking areas

§104-4—Handicap parking areas

§104-5—Loading and unloading zones

§104-6—Parking within spaces

§104-7—Illegally parked vehicles

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Peace and Good Order
§108-1—Assault and battery

§108-2—Begging prohibited

§108-3—Disorderly conduct

§108-4—False fire alarms

§108-5—Discharge fireworks

§108-6—Sale or possession of fireworks


§108-8—Playing on streets or sidewalk

§108-9—House of prostitution

§108-10—Indecent exposure

§108-11—Mask prohibited; exception

§108-12—Obstruction justice

§108-14—Distribution of literature

§108-15—Petit larceny

§108-16—Profane or abusive language

§108-17—Damaging or defacing property

§108-18—Noise restrictions

§108-19—Public drunkenness

§108-20—Trespassing on certain public property

§108-21—Carrying concealed weapons

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Peddling and Soliciting
§112-4—Permits issuance: display

§112-6—Prohibited acts


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Sales, Specials
§121-1—Two-day garage sales

§121-2—Multifamily yard sales

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Solid Waste
§128-1—Duty of property owner to keep property free of trash and rubbish

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Special Events
§132-2—Restrictions pertaining to vendors (Hours vendors license valid)

§132-3—Restrictions pertaining to landowners

§132-4—Restrictions pertaining to lessors

§132-5—Prohibited transactions with animals

§132-8—Yard sales

§132-9—Temporary food establishments

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Streets and Sidewalks
§136-3—Banners not to be suspended across street (Except under approval of Town Manager)

§136-4—Skating or sleigh riding on streets or sidewalks; bicycles

§136-5—Permit required for obstructing streets

§136-6—Storage material in streets

§136-7—Discharge of certain substances into streets prohibited

§136-9—Clearing snow from sidewalks

§136-10—Obstruction unlawful; removal

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Tattoo Parlors
§142-2—Violations and penalties

§142-3—Physical examinations of and health requirements for tattoo artist

§142-4—Records required to be kept by operator


§142-6—Prohibited designs, words or phrases

§142-7—Removal of tattoo

§142-8—Required facilities for tattoo parlors

§142-9—Personal cleanliness of tattoo artist; required equipment

§142-10—Cabinets for storage of equipment

§142-11—Floors; disposition of waste material

§142-12—Ventilation; walls and ceilings

§142-13—Instructions as to care of skin after tattooing

§142-14—Preparation of area to be tattooed

§142-15—Stencil for transferring design

§142-16—Removal of excess dye; bandages


§142-18—Sterilizing device required

§142-19—Applications; inspections

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Vehicles and Traffic
§157-3—Adoption of state law

§157-5—Stopping vehicles for inspection or to secure information

§157-7—Driving through funeral or other processions; manner of driving in funeral processions

§157-8—Identification of vehicles in funeral processions; right-of-way of such vehicles

§157-9—Unlawful riding

§157-11—Snow tires and chains required under certain conditions

§157-18—Signing, possession and display (Registration cards and carry a license)

§157-19—Attachment and display of state license plates generally

§157-20—Display of fictitious, suspended, etc., registration card, license plate or certificate of title

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Vehicles, Licensing of
§163-2—Grace period for new residents

§163-3—Grace period for persons purchasing vehicles

§163-5—License fee year (License fee year shall begin on the 15th day of April)

§163-7—Surrender of plate or tag

§163-10—Failure to display; transfer

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